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Medi Suite

A physician practice management system beneficial for small as well as large practices, which may be spread over several locations. It helps in real-time appointment, scheduling and streamlining of tasks and management of patient’s charts.

  • Do-away with
  • Time-consuming and mismanaged administration
  • Manual documentation and record-keeping
  • The difficulty of approaching data spread at different location
  • Prescription writing errors
  • Have impeccable
  • Appointment schedules
  • Patient’s data and history records
  • Patient’s electronic medical records
  • Medicines and prescription details
  • Alignment with Insurance
  • Insurance companies may be attached to practice
  • Insurance company may have multiple health plans
  • A patient may be insured with multiple insurance companies
  • Billing and Claim process
  • Appointment Management
  • Patient’s appointment may be scheduled through physician’s timings
  • Check-in and Check-out may be provided for each appointment
  • Features of Medi-Suite
  • Practices (clinics or hospitals) are the main entity of the application
  • Each practice may have multiple location
  • Each practice may have multiple physicians
  • Each physician may have one or more specialties
  • A physician may be attached to one or more locations along with their specialties
  • Specialties may have a set of services that a physician provides
  • Patients along with their personal information may be attached to the practices
  • Lab orders
  • Message centre for delivering day to day activity e-mails or text message
  • Standards and Compliance
  • Health Insurance Profitability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • HL-7
  • Service’s ICD and CPT codes

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