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Affiliate Marketing

Computed Synergy works with several Affiliate Marketing Agencies to deliver solutions with support for Affiliates via Networks or Independed programs and offers the following services.

Affiliate Marketing Scripts
A purchase of your product, service has been made but now you need to determine through which channel was this purchase made. Was it through one of your affiliate’s referral and if yes, which affiliate was that exactly, in case you have many. An affiliate marketing script is the answer to this riddle which will tell you the exact referral source from where the purchase originated. The affiliate marketing script will help you in managing the tracking of referrals and your affiliates additionally it will allow you to determine the exact amount of commission due and to be handed over to your affiliates.
Integrating Affiliate Tracking
Computed Synergy provides services for affiliate program integrations with most of the affiliate networks. With the affiliate tracking you are able to benefit from the traffic drive to your site via the network’s affiliate community and start reaping the benefits with the help of a ready to use network.